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Full Head Colour

Colour is placed directly onto the scalp and pulled through the hair from root to tip


Hair is weaved and then placed into a foil, the colour is then painted on to the hair and then it is foiled up so that the hair is entirely encased in an envelope of foil. The desired look can be achieved by a full head, half head, t-section or scattered foils.


Know the difference!

Balayage – A free hand technique where colour is painted on to achieve a gradual blend from root to tip.

Ombre – Ombre is similar to balayage but the colour starts further down the hair showing the contrast of a dark root to lighter ends making it more prominent.


This technique usually consists of a scattered full head of foils with a free hand balayage used in between. This achieves a lighter overall look with a darker root.

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*We recommend consultations prior to ALL hair extension appointments. This is a free service discussing about methods, application, colour match, aftercare and costing.

A deposit is required when booking an application.


*We recommend argon oil serum, heat protector and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. This is to guarantee a longer lifespan for your hair extensions.

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*We stock all hair products suited for natural hair and hair extensions with in the salon.

We also stock brushes, slinkie bobbles, shampoo and conditioner and other aftercare products especially designed for our extensions. These can also be purchased from the salon.